LOGHEALTH : Healthcare Supply Chain Excellence Centre


  Centre of Logistics Management and Healthcare Supply Chain (LogHealth)
Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University

                              LogHealth is a Centre of Excellence in Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics, as a part of Mahidol University, Thailand.  We do conducting research and providing consultancy, training and workshop services to public and private healthcare sectors to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and the improvement of healthcare logistics for patient safety.

                                 With our innovative vision focusing on the system improvement in healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics areas to optimize overall supply chain performance, we provide services covering at two levels which are :

    • Micro Level (Operation Level)
    • Macro Level (Infrastructure Level)
  1) Micro Level (Operation Level) : 4 areas of improvement can be identified as :   

1.1) Business Process Analysis and Improvement by LEAN system, Value Stream Mapping to identify waste in the system and improve patient and material flows for reducing cycle time and increasing efficiency. End-to-End system will be studied.

1.2) Materials Management by Inventory and Warehouse Management. This is to manage the stock replenishment at the ward and central warehouse. The auto replenishment can be achieved by inventory data accuracy, inventory visibility and the pull (Kanban) techniques.  This can be developed to supply chain between hospital and supplier by allowing vendor to manage the hospital inventory (VMI).          

1.3) Transportation Traffic in hospital for transfer materials from origin to destination can be reduced by implementing Milk Run techniques. This is to manage the delivery routes and schedules by the Transportation Management System (TMS).

1.4) Healthcheck Program and Training. This is to provide hospital the Healthcare Supply Chain and LogisticsHealthcheck Program in order to assess the logistics capability of your supply chain operation performing, and areas to improve with a provided guidance to achieve best practice’s performance.
          Three primary activities are assessed and trained as following: Inbound Process, Internal Operations and Outbound Process.

  2) Macro Level (Infrastructure Level) : This deals with  Healthcare Logistics Infrastructure for building Supply Chain foundation. This is to connect interoperability activities across manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and patients. The idea is to have data standard for product identification such as Global Standard Barcode with a single datapool containing dataset of information for Supply Chain players to access. Also the data exchange standard is implemented in order to provide the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). When these things are in place, traceability for patient safety can be achieved. Tracking and tracing system of materials and information flow can then be provided in the Supply Chain.
Vision & Mission 
  • To use our domain experience to provide innovative, high quality, superior and cost effective solutions that brings overall success to our customers.

  • With its motto “Excellence in Healthcare Logistics”, LogHealth aims to encourage the adoption of the engineering and logistics concept and techniques not only to contribute tangibly in overall success to our customers but also to provide highest ROI.

  • Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency and Corporate Responsibility are the pillars of our vision & mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement.

Centre of Logistics Management and Healthcare Supply Chain (LogHealth)
Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University
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